Resurgence through Nature with Mantis is a wellness tourism programme to treat stress and fatigue in the ultimate place in nature to relax and connect to yourself – connecting to nature to re-connect to yourself.

About The Burnout Programme

The Resurgence Through Nature Burnout programme was developed to prevent mental and physical exhaustion and to help people recover from executive burnout.

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The 14-day Resurgence Through Nature Programme

The exclusive 14-day guided process, provides an individualised therapeutic programme, combining particular elements in a scientific and experiential process to help individuals successfully become stronger and more effective.

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The Twofold Prevention Programme

Two connected programmes that are run consecutively, but separately. The first programme is a 6-day burnout prevention programme: The Lifestyle Enrichment Programme. The second, and follow-up programme is The Immersion and Maintenance Programme.

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Lifestyle-Reset Weight Management Programme

This unique programme addresses the need to manage the effects of a disjointed lifestyle and growing potential metabolic disorders. The programme focusses on medical, psychological, and lifestyle dynamics that lead to weight-management difficulties, while using the latest health-enhancing medical assistance.

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