In a time where high-functioning executives and people with high-demand occupations feel the difficulty in being extended, the mind and body needs to recoup and rest. The continual pace and demands may very often lead to exhaustion and depletion of mind and body. Sometimes it leads to burnout, a phrase so often heard these days.

The Resurgence Through Nature Burnout programme was developed to prevent mental and physical exhaustion and to help people recover from executive burnout. The programme is available to anyone from any profession who feels they are experiencing the exhaustion, depletion in work, and negative feelings towards their jobs.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that burnout is not a distinct medical condition but a syndrome that results from prolonged workplace stressors. It affects up to 68% of people, including high-functioning individuals, and seen amongst top managers, medical specialists, entrepreneurs, and other high-stress occupations.

Burnout happens when people stop developing and growing their internal resources, abilities, and competence – they begin to focus on external demands and pleasing those, rather than maintain adaptability and flexibility, and rooting themselves in a deeper psychological capacity.

Burnout manifests itself as the experience of deep exhaustion, disconnection, an imbalanced lifestyle, feeling overwhelmed and negative towards work.

This often leads to decreased productivity. Burnout requires attention, and the right vehicle to return to vitality and drive.


Resurgence through Nature with Mantis recognises the relationship that humans have with nature, and also the relationship that each person has with their own nature, internal world, or psychic wilderness.

We imprint ourselves onto Nature, however, we are left with a choice whether that becomes a destructiveness, or a relationship that develops into a partnership to conserve and sustain the wilderness. Similarly, we have a choice with our own internal relationship, do we continue the road well-travelled in search of achievement, or do we take the lesser travelled road in search of meaning.

The Resurgence Through Nature programme begins with this purpose in mind: to create meaning through re-connection to nature and the experience of our ‘real’ selves. It gives each participant the chance to find the elements and “walls” that keep them disconnected, busy, and cluttered; removing these to immerse themselves in a process facilitated by nature and new ways of ‘being’ and seeing themselves.

Guided by facilitators, the Wilderness Experience allows the participant to walk away feeling able to have a clearer perspective on their own path to finding daily meaning and develop a deeper, grounded relationship to self and others. It is this very connection to nature that heals and guides, not only a re-connection to nature, but to our ‘real’ selves, families, society and the larger human connection to Life.


It is an all-inclusive 2 week programme, including all accommodation, meals, beverages, excursions, medical and psychological processes. During the period, the emphasis will be to seek the root causes of burnout and not only provide symptomatic relief.

Two weeks is the optimal period to provide a chance to rest, recover and vitalise, while finding a different and rejuvenated way to approach work life. It is the perfect balance in time (as per research) to allow new ways of being, while resting, to be inculcated; maintain cognisance of the fact that the occupational responsibilities are in the background and needs to be managed, therefore we try minimising the external anxieties.

This is a guided psychotherapeutic process, which helps people, using nature, to reconnect to self and their own nature, their innate capacities, abilities, and natural tendencies to develop and grow.  The focus of the process and programme is on the individual, although some of the activities, such as the nature walks will be done in a group, there will be no group process and interrelation dynamics.

The medical team, each with a particular expertise, will assess participants for underlying medical problems contributing to burnout. Assessing sleeping patterns and the identification of sleep issues will form part of the process to enhance energy levels. Evaluating Musculo-Skeletal issues and physical activity patterns will form part of the process to enhance energy levels and optimal lifestyle functioning.

The psychological part of the programme employs specialists in using nature, wilderness, ecotherapy, and individual processes to develop healing, enhanced functioning, create a connection to internal resources and develop future psychological mechanisms for optimal health in their occupation.

The combination of these medical and psychological processes is contained within the bespoke boutique hotels and eco-lodges of Mantis, allowing an exclusive experience in the richness of nature and the care of highly professional teams.

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