Two connected programmes that are run consecutively, but separately. The first programme is a 6-day burnout prevention programme: The Lifestyle Enrichment Programme. The second, and follow-up programme is The Immersion and Maintenance Programme, a 5-day programme that is a more focused psychological process that aims to enhance and develop the initial programme learnings and way of being.

During both processes our doctors and psychologists guide you through the programme to develop a unique individualised process that creates the right experience to feel re-connected and re-vitalised. As part of the nature experiences, we show you how to use nature to re-connect to yourself and feel re-vitalised. We will take you on nature walks, and animal experiences that provide an enhanced awareness of relationship, self, and others.


The Lifestyle Enrichment Programme is the initial and targeted wellness process that takes key aspects of the 14-day Resurgence through Nature Programme to treat and prevent ‘executive burnout’ and corporate fatigue, as well as lifestyle stresses.

The Lifestyle Enrichment Programme is an individual 6-day process using psychological processes, nature-based interactions and rest-enhancing activities to assist the person or couple to become emotionally and physically enriched, leaving them better equipped to manage stress, feel relieved of fatigue and enhanced ability to walk back into their day-to-day lives in confidence.

As part of the process the medical team uses the latest medical advances to assist in ongoing lifestyle-resetting weight-management issues that so often play a role in physical fatigue and psychological confidence, enriching the potential for growth and re-energising.

The Lifestyle Enrichment Programme begins with an initial day at Mantis No5 Art and Boutique Hotel in Nelson Mandela Bay where the programme is introduced, the basic medical screening provided to see where you are physically and provide time to get to know you and what brought you to this place of exhaustion, fatigue, and stress in your life. With this we will be able to understand, plan and guide you to your healing process.

From Mantis No5 you will leave to spend 4 nights at Mantis’ Founders Lodge in the Eastern Cape Bushveld to engage with nature and be guided by our experienced psychologists and eco-therapists towards an experience that will leave you re-connected to yourself, rested, and re-vitalised. The process at Founders Lodge aims to provide the basic way of being that will help you become more aware of the causes of your tiredness and stresses and, thereby feeling more enriched in your life. Returning to Mantis No5 for the final night, the individual or couple is helped to use the experience in maintaining their newfound vitality and re-connected sense of self, while being aware of themselves and their life in a better way.


This programme is the 6-day follow-up process that deepens the experience of the Lifestyle Enrichment Programme, leaving the person re-enforced and immersed in a deep experience and awareness of relationship to themselves, nature and other. This is an essential process of emotional growth that develops a more enhanced and firm sense of self in the world.

The programme begins with a night at Mantis No5 to experience the guiding hand of our medical professionals and discussing your current physical and psychological processes and needs.

From here you will head to Founders Lodge for 3 nights. Psychological processes during the stay at Founders Lodge aims at a deeper experience that is unique to each person’s needs.

Upon return to Mantis No5 for the final night, the individual or couple will be guided to a way of maintaining the process as a way of being in their day-to-day life with confidence and re-connected selves.

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