Konrad van Staden

Programme Director, Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Analyst (candidate), Eco-therapist, and developer of the Resurgence Through Nature with Mantis Programme.

Dr Konrad von Hagen

Sports Physician, 2019 Rugby World Cup winning team doctor, Musculo-Skeletal and Sleep specialist.

Chris Breedt

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, who has a history working with executives, elite sportspeople, and military special forces.

Prof. Stoffel Grobler

Expert in corporate mental health and Consultant Psychiatrist.

Dr Lizanne Pieterse

Sports Physician, with a diploma in mental health, making her a unique member of the team.

Nika Grobler

Occupational Therapist and occupational mental health specialist.

Tracy Lancaster

Programme Co-Ordinator, Mantis Eastern Cape cluster General Manager and Consulting Chef.

Neville Ford

Sales and Marketing Manager

Amanda Bosch

Transformation Image Consultant